Middlelayers offers an innovative, technology-enable solution.

The Middlelayers solution offers an innovative approach to broadening the understanding and application of ACE scores and social capital to identify risks and address the root causes of disease and poor health.

To overcome the limitations of current social support systems and better leverage existing community resources, Middlelayers has created a technology-enabled Comprehensive Social Support System (CS3), which promotes a coherent and integrative approach to service delivery.

What is the Comprehensive Social Support System (CS3) Solution?

A CS3 is a community-based solution that increases the social capital of children and families by building relationships between individuals in need and ‘comprehensive’ social networks of diverse organizations that can provide social support to the whole child and whole family. The objective of this relationship and social capital building process is to enhance the potential of marginalized individuals to ‘secure benefits,’ mitigate ACEs, and reach optimal health.

Our CS3 has the capacity to improve population health and well-being by:

  • Holistically identifying risk factors that lead to poor health outcomes
  • Encouraging early interventions
  • Empowering individuals to be active agents in their health care
  • Creating a network of service providers
  • Increasing user access to social support
  • Broadening the scope of available supports
  • Integrating health and social services systems
  • Increasing the speed and responsivity of service provision
  • Increasing the sustainability and efficiency of community resources
  • Improving the impact of existing community services
  • Expanding social capital in communities and among marginalized individuals